Our Wellness Consultants

When we hire a new Wellness Consultant, they have to have one quality that rises above the rest: A passion to make the world a healthier place, one person at a time. Customers rave about our Wellness Consultants, they are friendly, passionate, knowledgeable, but most importantly they are problem solvers.  When someone walks through a Peak Wellness Market door, they are greeted by a highly trained, health and wellness expert. Someone who cares. Someone who wants to help their client find a natural, health-oriented solution to the problem which brought them in.

We cannot train someone to be passionate and empathetic. That is something that makes a Wellness Consultant candidate rise above the rest when hiring a new consultant. But, once we have found the right person, the fun part begins.  Our incredible training program.

Our training program is the key to building the knowledge base of a Wellness Consultant. Following is just a little sampling of what a new Wellness Consultant will experience.

  1. Training in anatomy and how the body works.
  2. Training in herbal/plant medicine.
  3. Training in cannabinoid science
  4. Training in Functional Mushroom science.
  5. Training on identifying problems
  6. Training in problem solving.
  7. Training in Customer Service in the Health and Wellness Industry.
  8. Training in store operations.
  9. Training (in-depth) on product knowledge.
  10. Training in supplements for fitness and weight loss
  11. Training in sleep science.

And much more ….

Peak Wellness Market training programs are developed In house, by an exclusive training.  If you are interested in becoming a Wellness Consultant, please check out our jobs page for employment opportunities.  Peak Wellness Market is an equal opportunity employer and seeks to build long term relationships with all of its team members.

About Peak Wellness Market

Peak wellness market teamed up with CBD & Wellness Market, we were formed by several experienced CBD industry executives and veterans.  The goal was to have an honest company with an honest mission. This mission is executed every day at our locally owned locations, with passionate entrepreneurs who want to impact the community around them.

  • Trusted Source for Wellness

    "Here at CBD and Wellness Market, we have an extensive due diligence program."

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  • Wellness Consultants

    "When someone walks through a CBD and Wellness Market door, they are greeted by a highly trained, health and wellness expert."

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  • Locally Owned

    CBD and Wellness Market is a franchise company that works directly with passionate entrepreneurs to bring our retail stores to local communities. 

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  • "Wellness has its Rewards" Program

    As your partner in a healthier living, CBD and Wellness Market would like to say thank you for your support of our local business.

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