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Neighbors helping neighbors; a community of health and wellness.

Peak Wellness Market is a place where our local communities can gather to learn how to improve their health and wellness regimens, talk to our highly trained consultants, and pick up amazing products that have been put through rigorous due diligence.  Many of the folks walking through our doors are our neighbors, our family, and our friends.  We are proud to be a collection of locally owned businesses.

Peak Wellness Market is a franchise company that works directly with passionate entrepreneurs to bring our family friendly, health and wellness oriented, retail stores to local communities.  That means when you walk into a CBD and Wellness Market it is not only staffed by one of your neighbors, but also owned by a local businessperson.  Someone who cares about their community and their health goals.

Our franchise team makes this a big part of the selection process when working with entrepreneurs looking to open a Peak Wellness Market.  Are they prepared to personally make an impact, locally.  Our goal is to give your local Peak Wellness Market all the support and tools of a big company, while keeping it in the hands of the people who want to take care of their community, directly.  There is no better person than a local business owner who cares about and wants to change the community around them for the better.

Peak Wellness Markets are owned by men and women, with a diverse range of backgrounds.  Some of our franchises are veteran, minority, and women owned businesses. We are not just inclusive, we are looking to empower everyone to change lives … locally.

Thank you for supporting your local Peak Wellness Market.  We look forward to seeing you in our stores soon.

About Peak Wellness Market

Peak wellness market teamed up with CBD & Wellness Market, we were formed by several experienced CBD industry executives and veterans.  The goal was to have an honest company with an honest mission. This mission is executed every day at our locally owned locations, with passionate entrepreneurs who want to impact the community around them.

  • Trusted Source for Wellness

    "Here at CBD and Wellness Market, we have an extensive due diligence program."

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  • Wellness Consultants

    "When someone walks through a CBD and Wellness Market door, they are greeted by a highly trained, health and wellness expert."

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  • Locally Owned

    CBD and Wellness Market is a franchise company that works directly with passionate entrepreneurs to bring our retail stores to local communities. 

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  • "Wellness has its Rewards" Program

    As your partner in a healthier living, CBD and Wellness Market would like to say thank you for your support of our local business.

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