A Trusted Source for Wellness

There are a lot of choices to buy health supplements in today’s world. A lot of influencers are paid to tout you the “product of the day”. Here at CBD and Wellness Market, we have an extensive due diligence program. Each product goes through the scrutiny of a team of people. Some of the folks are insiders to the company, some are friends and family, In fact, the whole basis of the company is the products we choose for our customers are the same products we would recommend to our family. If you wouldn’t give that product to your mother, then don’t sell it to your customer. This is the forefront of our vendor program. Finding products that make people healthier, naturally.

When we do research on a product or brand, we review the following items, at a minimum:

  1. Review of product packaging and labeling.
  2. Review of Web site and compliance check.
  3. Review of all raw goods and ingredients that go into the product
  4. Review of COAs for product integrity
  5. Review of production dates, best buy dates, and expiration dates.
  6. Review of production facility.
  7. Review of production protocols and standards.
  8. Review of product efficacy.
  9. Review of flavor or scent profile.
  10. Review of unique technologies.
  11. Review of Pricing and Value proposition(s)

We do the hard work so you don’t have to.  In today’s world, CBD and Wellness Market is your trusted source for buying cannabinoid, mushroom, and herbal supplements.  Our highly trained Wellness Consultants are here to help our valuable customers to find a healthier life … one person at a time.

Thank you for your support of our incredible company.

The CDB and Wellness Market Team

About Peak Wellness Market

Peak wellness market teamed up with CBD & Wellness Market, we were formed by several experienced CBD industry executives and veterans.  The goal was to have an honest company with an honest mission. This mission is executed every day at our locally owned locations, with passionate entrepreneurs who want to impact the community around them.

  • Trusted Source for Wellness

    "Here at CBD and Wellness Market, we have an extensive due diligence program."

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  • Wellness Consultants

    "When someone walks through a CBD and Wellness Market door, they are greeted by a highly trained, health and wellness expert."

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  • Locally Owned

    CBD and Wellness Market is a franchise company that works directly with passionate entrepreneurs to bring our retail stores to local communities. 

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  • "Wellness has its Rewards" Program

    As your partner in a healthier living, CBD and Wellness Market would like to say thank you for your support of our local business.

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